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Q & A

WMR Armies 1.0


There are few minor omissions/misprints in the document so here are the corrections:

   - Araby Elephant mount adds +2 attack

   - Albion Downpour spell 4+ to cast

   - Dwarf Flamecannon 30cm range

   - Vampire Counts Grave Guard 5+ save


Trial rules

The purpose of trial rules presented here is to playtest possible solutions to issues found in the existing WMR documents. If they prove successful, they will be implemented in future updates.

Raise Dead spell

Before WMR armies were done, we missed the fact that Raise Dead spell under WMR combat system allowes to split one combat engagement into two by simply raising a unit into contat with supporting emeny units. This appears to be quite a serious problem. To avoid this to happen the rules of the spell need following amendment:

Change fourth sentence of the second paragraph to:


The raised unit must be positioned so that it touches at least one friendly unit that is already engaged.