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Warmaster Revolution (WMR) is a fan-based 2nd edition of rules for the Warmaster game. Warmaster stopped being supported by Games Workshop (GW) in 2012, yet there are still many players around the world who love this game and are playing it regularly.

WMR first started as a Czech community-based project but has since evolved into a project supported by large parts of the international community. The Warmaster Rules Committee (WMRC), consisting of a number of players from around the world, was established to discuss rules issues and potential changes to the army lists.

The main aim of the WMR rule set is to implement the combat system from Warmaster Ancients – a second generation of the Warmaster rules system. In brief, this means a limited amount of combat rounds within one Combat Phase, among many other small fixes and enhancements. WMR also features a set of optional rules that focus on adding more dynamics to the game – (e.g. allowing units to move after failed order). Finally, a number of minor changes have also been introduced into the existing army lists.

We believe that WMR offers more dynamic, smooth and “realistic” games than the original version. But most importantly it shows, that though not supported by GW any more, the game still lives on.