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WMR Armies 0.2 out now!


The document includes three "new" armies - Wood Elves, Norse and Beastmen. These are well known lists from 2009 Trial armies compendium with minor adjustments. The exception is the WE list, that has seen the most changes in the whole document.

Brief list of changes:


Beastherd rule changed to generic ambush rule

Beastherd and Herdkin reduced by 5 pts

Minotaurs to 110p

Dragon Ogres are immune to terror (same for Chaos army)

Extra woods removed



Valkyries – new rules based on generic ambush rule

Spite of Low’Key cast on 5+

Were Kin – points put in line with the rest of similar upgrades

Huscarles – up to 100p


Wood Elves

Significant rehaul - details to come in dedicated post.

Other armies

Vampire Counts - clarification - Undead units cannot make initiative supporting charge to support Ghouls.


Trebuchet - can now move but cannot shoot in the turn it moved.

Other changes

Badly hurt monsters - put in line with Stegadon - you need to inflict one hit over the half of starting hit value to make them badly hurt (e.g. you have to inflict 5-7 hits to Giant with 8 hits to make him badly hurt).

Also the Badly hurt rule applies only after the monster breaks off the combat, never during the combat.

Light cavalry trial rules - we added a set optional rules to support the role of light cavalry units (shooting cavalry with 6+ save).