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WMR Compendium 1.1


WMR Compendium 1.1


List of changes:


         - p.42 - Blocked retreat - paragraph added to cover situations where a unit gets split.

         - p. 51 - Advance - 6th paragraph, first sentence adjusted to cover all possible situations.


Magic items

        - The Battle Banner and The Banner of Fortitude - time of effect changed from

  "combat turn" to "combat engagement".



       - Defending the Village - Flyers cannot burn houses (looking at you Birdmen)

                                         - Broken army can draw at best, so cannot win.



        - Walls and Ladders - cannot be used by infantry units based as cavalry

        - Siege Towers - if an assaulting unit retreats 4cm or less, the tower is not automatically destroyed and the unit counts still as being in the tower.


Campaigns of Conquest

          - New set of Advanced Characters Rules added to spice battles a bit.

Can be used for common single battles as well.