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Raise Dead Trial Rules


Due to some combat system issues with Raise Dead spell we present a Trial rule that will hopefuly solve the problem. You can find it in Q & A section.

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WMR Armies 1.0 Errata


Errata for WMR Armies 1.0 were added into Q & A section.

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WMR Compendium 1.1


Some minor adjustments were made to WMR Compendium. Here comes version 1.1. Apart from cleaning persisting typos (thanx Shane) and few rules clarifications, it is mostly minor adjustments to extras such as scenarios and siege.

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WMR Armies 1.0


At last, WMR Armies 1.0 is ready. Many thanx to all those who helped to catch all the bugs!

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WMR Armies 0.2 out now!


We are happy to present WMR Armies v0.2. This is basically v1.0, however according to our experience, there are very likely many hidden bugs to catch. We therefore encourage the community to report any typos and  other possible misprints they find. Please use the emails in contact section. Many thanx!

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WMRC news - Norse army list approved


After a while some Committee news.

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Warmaster Revlution in WM-army selector!


Warmaster revolution v0.1 has been now added to WM army selector! Many thanx to Dave Susco!

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New website!


Brand new website for Warmaster Revolution project has come to light!

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