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Rules Clarifications

Flame Cannon blows up when making Stand and Shoot

- Q: What happens when a unit charges a single Flame Cannon and the Fame Cannon is blownd up due to misfire roll when making Stand and Shoot.

  A: If no other units are involved in the charge, count it in all respects as usual close combat situation where a unit is destroyed in the first round of combat.


WMR Armies 1.0


There are few minor omissions/misprints in the document so here are the corrections:

   - Araby Elephant mount adds +2 attack

   - Albion Downpour spell 4+ to cast

   - Dwarf Flamecannon 30cm range

   - Vampire Counts Grave Guard 5+ save

   - Dark Elf Bolt Thrower counts as Elven bolt thrower

   - Risen units do not count agains break point

   - Beasther/Herdkin -  count distance modifier for an ambushing order